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    Given that this is an opportunity to build your own business, you choose Full or Part time.

    On an early Monday morning in 1994, I called my employer for the normal pending order status update and no-one answered. I continued trying until around 11 AM when I decided to call an affiliated company to see if they knew anything. Boy, did they ever...they knew that the  doors had been locked for good after closing on Friday.  

    Does that level of surprise sound familiar?

    I decided that day that I'd never again be at the mercy of an employer and have been self-employed ever since, in a business that builds residual income whether I work this week or not.

    Colonial Life gave me the opportunity to do just that, with no need to leave my family alone during the evening because this is a business to business endeavour and more importantly, with an initial financial investment of next to nothing.

    You want to make a difference, but you also want to build a successful career. With Colonial Life, you can do both. You’ll have the opportunity to help people during challenging times, and we’ll provide you with:

                                    Support to build your own business
                                    Be in business for yourself but not by
                                    yourself, with training to help you grow.

                                   Competitive income with no limits
                                   Earn the income you deserve – even in
                                   your first year.

                                  The right work-life balance
                                  Get freedom and flexibility to run a
                                  business that fits your life.

    Please contact me for more information or a personal interview.

    Nick Cusmano

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