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    The Cecil County Chamber is led by a 14-member volunteer Board of Directors. The day-to-day work of the Chamber is managed by Chamber Staff. For a complete list of Board and Staff members please click the Board & Staff link to the left.


  • The Cecil County Chamber of Commerce

  • History

    In the 1920s, Chambers of Commerce were established to serve as economic development entities, helping businesses grow, supporting an educated workforce, establishing practices for workforce development, and steering legislation that was business friendly.

    The Cecil County Chamber of Commerce began as a subsidiary of the New Castle County Chamber in Delaware. It was formed primarily as an outlet for the New Castle Chamber’s insurance sales program in Maryland. 

    In 1987, the Board of Directors of the Cecil County Chamber voted to declare independence from the New Castle Chamber, and a part time Executive Director was hired.  On January 1, 1988, the Cecil County Chamber became a completely autonomous entity. 

    Through the efforts of several influential Cecil County citizens, a capital campaign was organized.  Approximately $30,000 was donated by local government and businesses.  These monies, along with the charter members’ initial dues investments, enabled the Chamber to survive for the first couple of years, while becoming established and developing its own programs and fundraising activities. 

    Today the membership is served by a 11-member volunteer Board of Directors, and two full time employees.

    Cecil County’s local business community has needs and interests similar to those who were served by the very first chambers of commerce nearly a century ago.  The Board, staff and volunteers of the Cecil County Chamber of Commerce are committed to meeting those needs and helping our member businesses grow and prosper.


  • Past Presidents & Board Chairs

    The Cecil County Chamber of Commerce owes its success to the extraordinary leadership of the following individuals.  Thank you for your service to our community and to our organization.


    James E. Waters - 1988

    David Thomey - 1989-1990 (two terms)

    Dennis Clower - 1991

    Bruce Fink - 1992

    Connie Barker - 1993

    Joyce Bowlsbey - 1994

    Mark Smith, Jr. - 1995

    Christine Valuckas - 1996

    Dwight Thomey - 1997

    Bud Felty - 1998

    William Hart, Jr. - 1999

    Jim Brady - 2000

    Deborah Carter - 2001-2003 (two terms)

    Stewart Lee - 2004

    Linda Read - 2005

    Dan Schneckenburger - 2006

    Frank Williams IV - 2007

    Al Miller - 2008

    Renee Quietmeyer - 2009

    Brian Byers - 2010

    John Betts - 2011

    Bob Palsgrove - 2012

    Teen Vebares - 2013

    Board Chairs

    Jeanne Parry - 2014

    Linda Burris - 2015

    Joseph DiNunzio - 2016

    Jake Ruddy - 2017

    Jack Schammel - 2018

    Jason Lim - 2019

    John Hassiepen - 2020

    Beth Creek - 2021

    Sharon Pelham - 2022

    Josh Huegel- 2022

    Yvette Valentin- 2023