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    County Government

    On November 2, 2010, the citizens of Cecil County voted to switch to a charter form of government.  This allowed them to establish a more dynamic, efficient, and responsive form of county government and empowered them to exercise greater local authority to govern.  Charter government allows for the separation of the executive and legislative branches.  Both the County Executive and County Council serve four year terms.  Cecil County's first County Executive was elected on November 6, 2012.  The Council is comprised of five county residents who reside in their respective districts and are elected at large by the Cecil County voters. The Council members choose a President and Vice President from among their members. 


    The General Fund budget for Cecil County for fiscal year 2016 was approved at $182.1 million.   Property taxes account for 59 percent of the County's revenues, while 30 percent comes from local income taxes.   Budgeted expenses for fiscal 2016 include $114 million (63 percent of the total budget) for transfers, and just under $40 million (22 percent) for salaries and fringe benefits.  The County budget also supports the community's high quality of life through outstanding citizen service programs, over 200 miles of shoreline, and 15,000 acres of parkland.


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