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  • Starting a Business

  • Congratulations!

    Starting your own business can be exhilarating…and intimidating.

    The Cecil County Chamber of Commerce is proud to be part of the Cecil Business Resource Partners (CBRP), a partnership of local business organizations dedicated to providing the assistance you need to start your new business.

    The CBRP team can provide valuable information on a variety of topics, such as business concepts, funding, marketing, exporting, employee benefits and professional referrals. 

    A complete list of CBRP partners is shown below. 

    When you’re ready to take that first step, contact the Chamber Office.  We will help you, brainstorm with you, and – when you’re ready - introduce you to these specialists.

    To help you get started, we offer the following twelve key items that every start-up business owner needs to work on, prior to meeting your very first client.


    1. Create a business plan
    2. Seek advice from qualified professionals
    3. Acquire strong financial support: funding and services
    4. Study the market
    5. Insure against loss
    6. Find the right location and arrange for utilities
    7. Obtain licenses and permits
    8. Know about taxes and pay them on time
    9. Hire and train qualified employees
    10. Promote your business
    11. Serve the community
    12. Understand the benefits of joining the Chamber of Commerce


  • Cecil Business Resource Partners (CBRP)

    Business & Education Partnership Advisory Council (BEPAC)

     Cecil College - Business Training Resource Center
    410-287-6060 Ext. 605

    Cecil County Chamber of Commerce

    Cecil County Public Library - Small Business Information Center
    Elkton Central Library
    410-996-5602 Ext. 128 

    Office of Economic Development

     America's SBDC (Small Business Development Centers)

    Susquehanna Workforce Network